List of Available Loans !

So, why should you take advantage of our service when it comes to getting a microloan? This market is highly competitive, and it may be quite difficult to find a suitable offer. We solve this problem by selecting a credit institution for you. You get the following benefits:

Personal Financial Scheme

Our focus and pay attention to the efficiency of our services for you! No matter whether you are an individual consumer or business owner that need lending facility, our focus is to understand your needs and structure our packages for you.
Fast Approval . Low Interest

Business Loan

You may need more cash for overdraft (OD), Banker’s Acceptance (BA), Letter of Credit (LC), Banker’s Guarantee (BG), Security Deposits (SD), a fixed loan or Chapter, acquisition barangdalam bulks, grow your business, bank transfer / transaction, business transaction with credit & other loans.

Mortgage Loan

Our mortgage loans are open for all business owners where by using your securities, a variety of stocks, real estate, and transport as well as the goods bill of lading, gold, watches or other documentation to prove ownership of the items as collateral

Balance Transfer

We provide balance transfer to your existing outstanding balances such as suppliers, bankers, credit card or event other leasing companies, no guarantor, no collateral are needed.


A better way to borrow Fast . Simple . Safe

Personal Loan
  • 3 Months Latest Pay Slip
  • 3 Months Latest Bank Statement
  • Photocopy Of IC
  • Latest Electric & Water Bill
  • Latest EPF Statement
Business Loan
  • Form 24/49
  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement
  • Bill Electricity & Bill Sysbas (House & Company)
  • Business Registration SSM
Mortgage Loan
  • Form 24/29
  • M&A (Memorandum of Article & Association)
  • Outstanding Statement (If Any)
  • Grant
  • Original S&P (Sales & Purchase Agreement)
  • Loan Agreement
  • Quit Land & Assessment
Balance Transfer
  • Salary must direct debit to bank
  • Minimum monthly income RM 2,000 and above
  • Work at least 1 years at current company

Repayment Scheme 1.0% *T&C

Annual Percentage Rate

• 1% per month collateral, 1.5% per month without collateral • 12% per year collateral, 18% per year without collateral